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Staff Profiles Under Way!
Want to see those who help the Doze Lab continue to run smoothly? See our staff profiles, including gradua ... (read more)
Photo Gallery in the works!
We are currently creating a photo gallery for the website as a means of showcasing events from past programs that our lab has hosted. It isn't all bus ... (read more)
New Doze Lab website in production
A new web presence for the Laboratory of Dr. Van Doze is currently under production. It will showcase lab news and staff profiles, as well as provide ... (read more)
About the Lab and Programs

In the Doze Laboratory, we utilize electrophysiological, behavioral, and imaging techniques to study neuronal modulation. We are particularly interested in these techniques as they relate to mechanisms of epileptic attenuation and adult neurogenesis.

Our labs holds a deep commitment to exposing the biological sciences to undergraduate and high school students. As such, we are involved in a number of programs on the national, state, and local scale. Some of our favorites are: